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Sergey Rutkovskiy

Why choose us?

Renting office space in our business center gives you several key advantages.
Free parking for 320 cars

Free parking for 320 cars

You will always be able to park your car in the most convenient place. Your clients will not have to deal with frustrations caused by parking meters.
5 minutes to city center

5 minutes to city center

Our business center is located in one of the most convenient places in the city, with highly developed infrastructure at your disposal. The road to the city center should take you around 5 minutes, no matter if you go by private or public transport.
Well developed infrastructure

Well developed infrastructure

Right in the business center you can find branches of major banks, insurance companies, cafes, an auto repair shop and even a hairdreser. All of this will let you and your employees save time, effort and most importantly money.
Economical natural gas space heating

Economical natural gas space heating

During cold months of the year a comfortable temperature is maintained in all offices. In winter you will be pleasantly surprised by low utility expenses thanks to the modern and highly efficient natural gas heating system.

Numbers speak for themselves

7 €
4 €
Rent fee per 1m²
Comfort level
3.5 €
1.7 €
Utility payments per sq. metre
— Business center Brīvības 224
— Averaged office space of comparable worth in Riga.