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Natalia Demidova

Brīvības 224 - business environment made for the development and growth of your business

  • September 26
  • Having an office in New York is both prestigious and convenient. It is a prestigious location, since every major corporation has an office here. Convenience has to do with New York's business environment, You can literally find suppliers and markets for anything. Financial Crisis of 2008 reveled that the most stable companies had offices located in business centers. And that is for a good reason, your supplier or customer could be just in the next office to yours.

    The business center Brīvības 224 has concentrated many powerful and successful companies in one place. Our clients can always find buyers and suppliers, partners and colleagues, amongst other tenants.

    Business center Brīvības 224 is a dynamic environment which facilitates growth and development of a business! Without exaggeration we can be called the Latvia's New York!