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Natalia Demidova

Peasant market

  • May 24
  • Dear visitors and tenants of Brīvības 224 business center, we are happy to announce, that every other friday from 13:00 to 17:00 on the premises of the business center (just in front of the building 2) will be held a peasant market, where everyone interested will be able to purchase fresh and naturaly grown food for more than reasonable prices.

    Peasant market, first of all, provides a great opportunity for tenants and visitors of the business center Brīvības 224 to buy great food directly from the producers. Secondly, it makes staying in the business center more pleasant and lively. And finally, it is always great to show some support to local producers.

    In the market you will be able to purchase sweets from Skrīveri, smoked fish from Klapkalnciems, smoked meat products and of course fresh vegetables and much more, all grown and produced in Latvian.

    See you this friday in peasant market at Brīvības gatve 224!